This one time after I installed a custom ROM, I somehow ended up getting some random image applied as an album art on pretty much all of my songs. Later on when I switched to a different rom and opened up my music player, I realised that the album art image was still there.

The reason for the album art not going away is because we have it got cached inside a file stored in our internal storage under the Android data folder. All you have to do is delete that file and that pesky album art image should be gone from all of your songs.

Step 1. So let us start by finding that folder. Open up your file manager app and select your internal storage (the file is never stored on your external sdcard) and navigate to Android -> data. Inside it, you should see a folder named ''.

Step 2. Open it. There should be a subfolder inside it called 'albumthumbs'. Open that folder as well and you should see a file named after random numbers.

Step 3. Simply delete that file and close your file manager app. The next time you open up your music player your songs will be free from album art.

Note: It is possible that the image may re-appear after you change your rom again. In that case, simply re-do the steps from this post.

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  2. A great miracle, it worked perfectly for me

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  4. Brilliant thanks. Although in my phone it's File Commander not File Manager

  5. I tried doing this. There's six of those files with random numbers and they refuse to delete no matter how many times I try it.

    1. Restart Your Phone and try deleting again or try to reach to the file on a PC/Labtop via usb cable and try delete it. Hope it works.

  6. Isn't it a good thing that your favorite music album is still there after installing custom rom. Anyway, thank you for explaining how to delete it.

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