Samsung WatchON is an application developed by Samsung that can mostly be found pre-installed on pretty much any Galaxy device with an IR blaster. It gives users the ability to watch programs on the go as well as operate various devices such as DVD Players, set-top-boxes, TVs, air conditioners and others.
watch on lockscreen widgetwatchon notification
If you happen to have used the application for just for a few minutes, you may have noticed that you now have WatchON integrated on your notification screen as well as a widget placed on your lock screen.

This can become pretty frustrating as you do not see any X button placed on the widget itself, neither on the notification screen addon. However, removing these two things can be done very easily.

Removing WatchON widget and notification

Removing the widget and notification addon can be done in just a few seconds and all of the options can be found inside the app's settings menu. This post may seem useless to you as these are pretty basic instructions but believe me, some people may have never thought of checking in the app's settings menu for this.

Run the WatchON app and press the menu key on your phone which should make a contextual menu popup from the bottom. Now tap on Settings.

Now you should see two settings - one for the notification in your notification screen and right below it one for the lock screen widget. Simply uncheck the option for notifications and switch off the option for the lock screen widget as shown in the screenshot above.
remove watchon notification and widget
After doing the steps mentioned above, you should have the lock screen widget and notification disappear.
You should now have a clean lock and notification screen. If changes do not apply after doing this, try to reboot your phone and see if it worked.

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