Pretty much all of the latest Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy models come with a transparent statusbar included in their custom UI which gives a great look. If you happen to be with  an outdated Android phone running Android ICS or Jelly Bean 4.1 that does not have this little feature included, this post will guide you how to add it manually.

To do this, your phone must be rooted and you need to be running an Android version of 4.0.3 and above. To achieve this, you also won't need to perform complex tasks such as modding your system, but you just install some tweaks.


Your phone must be running Android 4.0.3 and above
Your phone must be rooted
You need to have Xposed Framework installed - Download latest installer

Other downloads:

XBlast Tools module - Download from xda attachment

Making the statusbar transparent

Let's start off by installing the Xposed framework to your phone. Download the apk from the pre-requisites above and install it on your Android phone.

Now run the application that just got installed to your phone, go to Framework and tap on the button "Install/update". It will then tell you to reboot the phone to activate the framework. Do it.

Now install the XBlast Tools module (it's also an apk file). Once you have installed them, open up the Xposed installer again and this time go to Modules, then tick both box where it says "XBlast Tools". Then once again, reboot your phone to apply the changes.

Now that you have everything activated, go to your app drawer and open the XBlast Tools app and go to Status Bar, now scroll down to where you see "Status Bar Background Color". Tick the left box to enable it, then tap on the little box next to it to modify the colors. Now on the top where it has the HEX color codes typed in, change it to #00000000 and then tap on the bottom right box.

Now reboot your phone and enjoy your changes.

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