There are plenty of new applications that come out daily on the Google Play store. Some of them turn out successful and manage to rank next to the top rated category. Unfortunately not every app can be compatible with any Android device.

In some cases, the developers themselves add restrictions to various devices and in some cases, even countries. However, these apps may run just perfectly fine on your device even though they appear as incompatible.

This is where the app called Market Helper comes to help. This root application that is developed by xda member redphx helps you spoof your device allowing you to download those false incompabitle and restricted apps.

Another method of doing this is by modifying your build.prop file and changing the information about your phone/tablet model, Android version, etc, but this method should get the job done faster and easier.


  • Your Android device must be rooted
  • You must be running Android 2.2 and above
  • You must download the Market Helper apk to your device - Click here.

Spoofing your device:

Start off by installing the Market Helper apk that you downloaded and run it from your app drawer. As seen in the screenshot below, you should get the options to choose which device, country, carrier as well as Google account you want to use to apply this change.

android device spoof market helper
Simply choose whether you want to have a phone or tablet, then choose from the available models available. Next, choose which country and operator and finally, choose which account.

Then tap on Activate and you should get a request to allow the app Superuser access, so allow it.

You should then get a confirmation popup claiming that you succesfully spoofed your device and it will ask you to visit the website with your account to update the info.

In this case as an example the HTC One X+ and United States + Spring were used and as you can see in the screenshot below, this method successfully spoofed the device.

Source: xda

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