flappy bird highscore

I'm guessing you all know what the Flappy Bird game represents. It can get you addicted, it can make you rage, it can even make you commit suicide. Its gameplay can be difficult for some people and if you suck at it but want to show-off to your friends, then look no further as this video below will guide you how.

We will be using an application called Cheat Droid - which is also known to be a shared preferences editor. Your hiscore information is being stored in a file located inside the game's data folder. To gain access there, you need to be rooted.

There are actually two methods of making a fake hiscore on Flappy Bird but this one is the easisest because method number two requires a root browsing application, followed by folder searching and file modding. With Cheat Droid, you pick the app, pick the file and easily change the integer.

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