Pou is currently one of the most popular games at the Google Play store and is gaining more and more new players as days go by. If you have played it, you must already have become aware of how difficult it is to make large amounts of coins in the game and there are so many items to purchase.

So in this post I am going to share with you some helpful tips and advices on how to make some money fast and get your Pou to the next level. At first the game used to be quite dull with not much things available to do but now there are many mini-games added as well as other room "games" that you can complete to gain some cash.

Before we begin, I must let you know that by liking the game's Facebook page, you get 1,000 free coins. It's totally worth it.


You must take advantages of Pou's achievements feature as it gives you the most coins than any mini-game available. These achievements are usually done when you complete tasks such as having your Pou to eat atleast 100 times during it's lifetime, or 250 times, etc. The same goes for other tasks such as making ## amount of something in a game, or watering the flowers ## times. The games achievements are the easiest of all. So head into the Achievements menu and start looking for achievements to complete. It should indicate the progress you have made for getting the achievement in percentages.


Now we are going to list the available mini-games on Pou and give each a score for earnings and difficulty, so you decide which one seems best for you to play.
  • Pou Words - Decent money, but it sometimes takes a lot of time to figure out where the letters are for long words, thus makes it slow money making.
  • Pou Popper - Fast money, especially if the little Pou with the same color have coins inside them, you gain even more and the gameplay is not annoying at all, best money maker so far.
  • Food Drop - Slow money, short play time, one of the worst games for money making.
  • Sky Jump - Fast money, very easy gameplay. If you have played Doodle Jump, you will love making money with this one.
  • Hill Drive - Fast money and enjoyable gameplay, if you upgrade your car a bit, you will make money even faster.
  • Cliff Dash - Decent money, fast paced gameplay resulting in short play time.
  • Sky Hop - Slow money, not so difficult gameplay.
  • Water Hop - Decent money, requires a bit of stragety but no matter what you do, the play time is just short.
  • Color Match - Slow money, game is recommended to be played only for fun, worst money maker so far.
  • Match Tap - Fast money, if you have perfect eye-spotting skills then this game is for you.
  • Color Tap - Decent money, very fast paced gameplay resulting in short play time.
  • Cliff Jump - Decent money, gameplay becomes very fast paced too early resulting in short play time.
  • Sad Tap - Decent money, this one also requires some eye-spotting skills.
  • Free Fall - Fast money, not so difficult as well and gives you 5 "lives".
  • Cloud Pass - Decent money, difficult gameplay on this one.
  • Goal - Decent money, for each goal you get 1 coin. With patience, you can make some cash off this very easy game.
  • Pool - Same as the Goal game.
  • Find Pou - Decent money, becomes quite hard to keep an eye on your Pou when more cups get included though.
  • Memory - Decent money, if you cannot remember some cards, just tap like crazy until you figure them out.
  • Connect- Slow money, you get 2 coins on each round you complete.
  • Pou Sounds - Fast money, you just need to remember which Pous make sounds. You get 1 coin on each one you tap on.
    Out of all listed games above, only six games make the fastest money. Those include (not in order):
    • Pou Popper
    • Sky Jump
    • Hill Drive
    • Match Tap
    • Free Fall
    • Pou Sounds 
      If you don't feel like getting some achievements done or playing mini-games, then your last resort is to purchase a coin pack.

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