Samsung's Galaxy phones have a lot of features integrated into their custom TouchWiz roms that eat up ram and battery as well as sometimes slow down the performance of the phone. therefore many people are complaining that Samsung's stock roms are bad and rely on custom roms such as CyanogenMod, but what if you love TouchWiz skin's look and feel but just want to get rid of that awful lag?

samsung touchwiz

This post will guide you on how to optimize your TouchWiz rom a bit and make your Samsung phone faster than it is when you first bought it.

The homescreen and widgets

When you power on your phone for the first time and finish the setup wizard, you will notice you have tons of widgets placed on pretty much any page on your homescreen. These widgets tend to put some strain on your RAM and processor and therefore make the operating system much more heavier for your phone. It is highly recommended that you clean up these widgets and leave only the most important ones that you need in just one page.

Removing the S Voice key shortcut

It is well proven that by removing the S Voice key shortcut, your phone will react much faster to the pressing of the Home key. The reason why you experience a delay when you try to jump to your homescreen by pressing the Home key is because you have enabled the shortcut key for the S Voice service which is activated by pressing the key two times fast.
You can easily disable S Voice by opening up the app from your app drawer, then head into Settings and untick the option "Open via the home key".

Stop the unnecessary apps processes running in the background

If you go to your application manager and check the running processes, you will be surprised at how many processes are running in the background, eating up RAM. You actually have the ability to manually stop these processes from running. Head into Settings -> Application manager - Running - and stop the services you do not need.

Use the Task Manager often

After a prolonged usage of your phone for some time, it is recommended that you open up the Task Manager by holding the Home key and removing all of the applications which you have previously opened to clear up the memory a bit. Either manually swipe the apps which you do not want running or just tap on the X button to get rid of all of them.

Disable the animations

These animations could cause delay in various activities and mostly happen on devices with less RAM and slower processors but not that much on high-end Samsung phones. Still, if you feel like they are slowing you down you can easily disable them. You first of all need to enable Developer options because they are not visible. To do that, head into Settings -> About phone - now find where it says "Build number" and begin tapping on it. You need to tap 7 times in order to enable the Developer options.
Once you have developer options enabled, find them in your Settings and scroll down to where you see the animation options. Turn them all off.

Keep your phone up to date

Newer firmware releases always contain performance improvements as well as bug fixes, so it is highly recommended that you regularly check for any new updates available for your model. If there is one, without any doubt be sure to update your phone with the latest software.

That's it, you should now experience significant improvements in your phone's performance. If you found any difference in your phone's performance after following the tips above, feel free to leave a comment.

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