Here is one very neat app that helps you make a fake call to popup on your phone. It is called Android Assistant, also known as Fake Call&SMS in the Google Play store.

It is the perfect application to fool your friends, family or whatever you are planning on using it for. I guess it could also be used to make excuses and get off work/places you don't want to be in.

Not only does this app make fake calls, you can also make quick calls, SMS, and quick SMS. You get the following options to setup your call:
  • Name
  • Number or Private Number
  • Choice for ringtone
  • Vibration
  • Set time
  • Call duration
  • Call repeat interval
  • Custom voice (the best part)

    In the video below I show you a demonstration of how I make a fake call with this app.

    Fake Call&SMS - Play Store

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