A while ago, Google pushed this very useful service to all Android devices. It allows users to track their device, remotely wipe, lock and make it ring on demand in-case it is lost and the owner cannot find it.

android device manager

Android Device Manager gives you the ability to track down your phone incase you have accidentally dropped it or forgot it somewhere. With some luck, you can immediatelly retrieve it once you have tracked it before anyone else has found it. Incase the phone is gone for good, you can at least wipe it remotely or set a lockscreen password so that no one can have access to your valuable data.

I've decided to make a little video about this service with some tests to see how all four of these features work.

In order to have this activated, you need to start off by heading into your device's Settings, then in Security settings (the name of this option varies by device, so you're on your own in finding it), then inside Device administrators, there should be Android Device Manager.

Let's start off by listing the features it offers as of now:
  • GPS Tracking - Allows you to see through a world-map interface either on your computer on your device where the device is located (as long as it has GPS turned on) through this url.
  • Remote wipe - Wipes the device as if you perform a factory reset.
  • Remote lock - Allows you to set a password so that incase it is found, the person cannot get past the lockscreen.
  • Ring - Makes the phone ring. Now this is useful if you've lost it somewhere at home or at work. You can make your device ring, follow where the sound comes from and get it back.

    This is definitely one very useful service that Google has released, a bit late though, unfortunately. But still, if you haven't activated it yet, be sure to do so.

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