If you recently got yourself a new Nexus 5 running 4.4 Kit Kat or any other device based off that from your country, you may have noticed that the "OK Google" command is missing from your search widget.

ok google fix
For those of you who are not familiar with what this feature does, it is kind of like a voice shortcut to access the Google Now application which is Android's built-in voice assistant.

The fix to getting this function to work again is pretty simple as it's a simple language issue. Unfortunately, the command for now only seems to be working with the English language and not any other.

Basically you need to change your voice search language to English because it's quite possible that it's set on a different language, possibly yours. Now you don't need to change the whole interface language but actually just the voice search one, so you can keep your default system language.


  1. Head into Settings
  2. Now look for "Language & input" and go there
  3. Look for and go to where it says "Voice search" - this one should be somewhere at the bottom
  4. Now select "Language"
  5. Change the language to English (US)
That's pretty much it. After changing the language, go back to your homescreen and you should see the Say "Ok Google" message appear inside the Google Search widget.

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