A while ago, Koushik Dutta who is one of the developers of CyanogenMod ROM showed us a quick video on YouTube of this new Screencast app that is planned to be integrated into the custom rom in the future which gives the user the ability to record their screen along with their voice through the microphone.

cyanogenmod screencast app
The app is finally available in the Google Play store but as a BETA unfortunately, and only for testing purposes.

To gain the app, you need to meet the requirements first as listed below:

    As the app is still in testing stage, it is possible that you may experience some issues, either not being able to start the app to record or ending up with blank files.

    It's very easy to start and use the app. Once you have it installed on your device, you need to hold the power + volume up buttons simultaneously to start the recording process.

    CM users can now finally record their gameplays or do demos of apps with the press of just two simple buttons and this might be the best alternative out of any screen recording app available in the Play Store.

    Source: CyanogenMod

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