As you all know, the Nexus 5 was just recently released along with the latest Android version - 4.4 KitKat and people have already began extracting some goodies off of it.

A forum member from xda-developers forums called geoworld_200 has extracted the 4.4 launcher files and has uploaded them for download so that the unfortunate people who aren't able to own a Nexus 5 or still haven't received a 4.4 update, can now enjoy the launcher experience.

To get this launcher to work, you need to install 3 files to your phone. geoworld_200 has uploaded these in a zip file which you can download from here.

Please note that for the launcher to function perfectly, you would need to have an Android version of 4.2 and above.


  1. Download the zip file and extract it, you will get 3 apk files
  2. Transfer the apk files to your phone
  3. Now by using your file manager, install the apk files one by one but follow them by the order below
  4. Order - PrebuiltGmsCore.apk -> Velvet.apk -> GoogleHome.apk
  5. Once all of the 3 files are installed, press the Home button on your device
  6. You should see the launcher displayed there, launch it!
Source: xda thread

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