Many people are unpleasant with the software updates that Prestigio provides for their tablet devices. The software with which the tablet comes is alright, but when you get that notification for a software update, your heart starts to beat, you get excited about the new OS for your tablet and it's new features, but unfortunately that's not the case.

Some people claim that after upgrading to Jelly Bean from ICS, they have awful incompability issues with popular apps from the Play Store. Even downloading an APK and installing it manually doesn't help, as the tablet cannot run the app properly.

In my case, I had the problem with Jelly Bean in which after almost one day of leaving the tablet inactive, it would go in some sort of state of a coma in which you cannot revive it easily. You have to connect it to the charger (even though the battery has not been drained). I found CyanogenMod10 to run even more stable than the Jelly Bean update.

While restoring my tablet to ICS for testing purposes, I decided I'd record the procedure this time and help you guys out in achieving the same.

Before you watch the video, you need to head into the prestigio firmware storage page and download the v1.1.1 which is the ICS firmware.

After you have downloaded the file, you can proceed by watching this video tutorial:

Although I haven't really looked up, I believe this is the default method for pretty much any Prestigio tablet, just be sure to download the proper firmware. A complete directory list of all the models firmwares can be found here.

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