If you listen to radio a lot, you may be aware of the issue where your phone requires you to connect your headphones in order for it to act as an antenna so that you can receive signal and listen to the local radio stations. But can you carry them with you all the time? What happens if you go out camping and you forgot them at home or have lost them?

The solution is really simple and it requires just one special ingredient and that is foil. It can be from chocolate, from a cigarette box or wherever you can obtain it from.

foil radio antenna

Step 1:

Find a small piece of foil and begin wrapping it up just like on the picture below:
Be sure to make the bottom of the foil that will be going inside your phone the same size as your headphones' jack.

Step 2:

Now simply insert it where you put your headphones. Don't worry, put it inside deeper as much as you can.

Step 3:

You may now start your FM Radio app on your phone and toggle it on, see if it will establish a connection. If it doesn't, don't worry. You just need to tweak your "antenna" a bit. For example, try to put it inside a little more deeper or move it around a little bit and eventually you should be able to catch signal.

foil radio antenna for phone

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