Not every Android user is willing to sacrifice their warranty by rooting their device. Unfortunately, in order to do jobs like app backup you would normally need root access so that you can create a backup of your app and restore it with an application like Titanium Backup for example which saves both your app and all it's data.

android app backup
Maybe you enjoy doing some monthly cleaning such as doing a factory reset on your device to clear up the mess it has become and you don't feel like re-downloading all of these apps from the Play Store which could take ages if you don't have WiFi.

Fortunately for non-root users, there is a way. You will not be able to save the app's data though, but only the APK file. There are numerous apps in the Play Store that can do such job, one of them is called "File Expert" and that is what we will be using in this guide as an example.

So first of all let's begin by downloading the app from the Play Store. Once you download the app, start it up. You may skip through the features list and offers and you should then see the following options:

As you see in the marking above, you need to head into Apps. Once you are there, you should see a complete list of your installed applications:
Now use the little check boxes on the right side to select which apps you want to make a backup of and when you are done, tap on the second button on the bottom:
You will then be asked whether you want to store the APK files to the cloud (requires an internet connection) or to a local directory (local backup). In this post we will only be covering the local backup option.
Once you choose where you want them to be stored, you will get a loading bar, now just be patient while your apps are being processed.
Once done (if you've chosen the Local Backup option), your apps should be located inside a folder called "backup apps". The location of this folder may vary on your device. If your device uses emulated storage, the folder should be inside your device's memory. If it does not support emulated storage but you use an sdcard for your main storage, then the folder should be there.

Now if you head into the folder, you should see APK files of your backed up apps:
Now you can easily install these apps again by just opening up these APK files where you should then see the installation screen. Also be sure to have enabled "Unknown Sources" in your Applications settings on your device, otherwise you will not be able to install APK files (apps outside the market).

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