While we are waiting for Angry Birds Star Wars 2 which has only 6 days left till release, Rovio has surprised us with a new set of 30 new levels in a new episode called "Moon of Endor".

Image source: Google Play store
In these new levels, we find the same old stormtrooper pigs, but that's not all, we also get Speeder Bikes, and two-legged AT-ST walkers. The enviornment of these new levels consists of a weird looking forest and some kind of tree houses in the background aswell as large pieces of soil on the air.

We also get helpful objects introduced in these new levels such as large pieces of wood and drums. The wood is quite heavy and basically crashed absolutely anything it falls on. The drums bounce the bird off to a larger distance, kind of like the umbrellas and other bouncing objects you may have used in Angry Birds Rio.

Overall, I would call the difficulty of these levels average as any other episode, but we can definitely say that this new episode was not rushed, but had some effort put into it to have it made difficult. I especially had a hard time completing level 13.


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Once again, I remind you that there is less than one week left till we see the new Angry Birds Star Wars 2 come to the Google Play store. Expect to see a review on that aswell.

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