Angry Birds Star Wars 2 just got released for Android, iOS and Windows packed with lots of new features and improvements.

Compared to the first Angry Birds: Star Wars game, this one has been given a huge polish to the graphics, user-interface and gameplay. This sequel features lots of new characters and some old characters revamped to a different look. You can also notice small icons above the birds that indicate what their special power is when the player taps on the screen.

When you complete each level, you collect credits which you can later on use to purchase different kind of characters, and at any time you can swap them during a level by tapping on the second button on the screen which will expand it.

All of the backgrounds on each level are given a really nice look, there has definitely been put some huge effort in this game.

Bird side
Pork side
And let's not forget about the Telepods which players can purchase and put above their cameras to be scanned and then used in-game.

Gameplay and review video:

As usual, Rovio has released two different variants of this game on their Play Store. The first one is the ad-supported one which is offered for free, and the second one is without ads that you need to purchase from the Play Store.

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