Users who want more from their smartphone other than just to use it for downloading apps and making calls, always look for ways to root their device. But what should you do next after you rooted? This post will recommend you 5 usefull apps that require root access.

1. Superuser / SuperSU

Obviously this would be the first app that you need to have after rooting your device because this is the app that controls the access you provide to certain apps. You can grant certain apps access, you can deny, aswell as manage, etc. Both of these apps are available in the Google Play store for free.
So if incase the root method for your device doesn't provide you with one of these apps, you may download them from the Play Store.

Download Superuser - Play Store
Download SuperSU - Play Store

2. BusyBox for Android

BusyBox is a collection of Linux utilities, it brings you all of the UNIX commands to your Android, since it is based off Linux. Busybox is required for certain applications for example, Metamorph, WiFiKill, or special operations in Titanium Backup. BusyBox is free to download, with many installers available in the Play Store to download, the most recommended and most awarded one seems to be by the developer Stephen (Stericson). Having BusyBox installed is surely a must if you plan on using root applications.

Download BusyBox - Play Store

3. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool for Android. With Titanium Backup, you can backup your apps and data (both combined or seperately), restore, freeze, even set user apps as system apps and many many more.
Titanium Backup is being offered in two variants, free and pro. With the pro version, you get many more countless features unlocked. For more information on this application, you can check out the Play Store link below.

Download Titanium Backup - Play Store

4. No-frills CPU Control

No-frills CPU Control is a tool that you can use on your device to change CPU frequencies aswell as governors. With this app, you can increase the max frequencies your device allows to boost up the performance, or you can scale it down incase you need to save up on some battery. If you happen to be on a custom kernel that supports overclocking, thanks to this tool you can increase the frequencies and enjoy a more powerful device, it also supports an option to set the preffered frequencies on start up.

Download No-frills CPU Control - Click here.

5. Root Browser

Root Browser by the popular developer JRummy, is a file manager made specially for the root users. With this app, you can browse Android's file systems, copy/cut/paste/open/edit files, set permissions, and many more. This app is considered a good free alternative to the app Root Explorer as it costs money. With the help of this app you can pull out system files off your system partitions and mod them, then put them back in there safely, definitely a must have for rom cookers!

Download Root Browser - Play Store

And there you have it, 5 useful Android apps for rooted users, all of them offered for free.

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