There's a debate on the subject whether you need to have an antivirus program on your smartphone or not. The truth is, there are malicious apps out there and you need to be careful, so having an antivirus app running helps you keep your Android clean of viruses. Not only that, but these security applications also offer other neat features such as remote wipe, tracking your phone, etc.

1. Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast! has been known and used by the public for many years on computers to keep people safe from malicious files and viruses. What you get with Avast! Mobile Security is a pack of neat features such as scanning your apps aswell as your storage, disguised anti-theft software to keep control of your phone incase it gets stolen, privacy advisor to let you know which apps keep track of your private data, SMS and call filters, firewall and many more. I would say, the best part about all of this is that it's all offered for FREE!

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2. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout Security & Antivirus is another good alternative with a very large user base since it has been in the Android scene for quite some time now. The app offers antivirus and scheduled scanning for free, a function to locate for your lost or stolen device, the ability to activate an alarm, and a cool option to track your phone online via their website. Another feature that could come in handy is the ability to backup and restore your contacts to your existing or new device. The app also has a premium version which includes many more features such as safe browsing, remote lock and wipe, etc.

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3. TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security another free app which offers tons of features all for free. Starting with a security scanner for on-demand or scheduled tasks, secure web browsing to protect you from phishing sites, aswell as a system manager that helps you manage your data, battery usage, etc.
And obviously this wouldn't be a security app if it doesn't include the ability to track your phone incase you lose it or it gets stolen, remotely wiping it aswell as a privacy guard and ability to backup your stuff.

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4. AVG AntiVirus Security - FREE

AVG AntiVirus Security offers scanning your apps, settings, files and media, locating your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps™ aswell as remote locking or wiping your device. Safe browsing is also included in this app to keep you safe from phishing websites, you can also schedule scans to run daily or weekly. It also supports backing up your apps and then later restoring them but with the free version, you get a 14 day trial unfortunately. The antivirus also has a PRO version offered.

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5. Norton Security Antivirus

Norton is also a well-known name in the Antivirus industry. The company also offers a mobile version for Android but unfortunately, it doesn't include much features for a free version. Users need to purchase a $29 license key for the premium version. The features which you get with the lite variant are the ability to send SMS to remotely lock your lost or stolen phone, scan and remove apps that can be harmful, aswell as scanning your SD card for malicious files.
Obviously the premium version offers tons more features, but if you don't feel like spending money, you can always try one of the alternatives above which cover all the premium features for free.

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