We all have favorite websites that we check daily through our Android device, but it becomes annoying after some time to open the browser, type in the address and so on. For that, browsers have the ability to bookmark stuff but did you know that there is an even faster way to access your favorite websites? In this post we'll cover how to add your bookmarks to your home screen to quickly access them. This guide will be based off Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.


Go to the website which you wish to bookmark, then press the options button and you should get a similar context menu:
Now tap on Add bookmark and it should take you to this screen:
Simply tap on OK and it will save the bookmark:
Now that you have bookmarked your favorite websites, it's time to create shortcuts for them on your homescreen.

Exit the browser and go to the homescreen. From there, long-press and you should get a popup with a few options:
From there choose Shortcuts and it should then take you to this screen:
Obviously we choose Bookmark next:
As you see in the screenshot above, it should take you to your bookmarks and from there, simply tap on the website you want to appear on your homescreen.
You now have a little shortcut icon on your homescreen to quickly access your favorite website. That is all you had to do.

Please note that on Android versions above Gingerbread it may be a little bit different but it shouldn't be that complicated to figure out the different locations once you read this post.

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