Even though Android comes with a few default sounds assigned for ringtones and notifications, some people prefer to use custom ringtones of their favorite songs and so on.

At first, you may see adding a custom ringtone as something complicated but it's actually fairly simple.


  • File browsing tool - Android usually has one by default, which should be enough to get the job done
  • Sound file - mp3, wav, ogg, etc, all of these should be ok. If you want to cut a song then I would highly recommend to use this site, it does a wonderful job.

      Setting up the folders

      Android uses 3 different folders for Alarms, Ringtones and Notifications. When you open up your file exploring app, if you don't see any of the 3 names mentioned above, you may create the folders yourself. Also it is not necessary for the folders' names to start with capital letters, it all works.

      Once you have created a folder called alarms, ringtones, and notifications, you are basically ready to paste sound files inside there.

      Setting up the tones

      Now after you have chosen a sound for your alarm, for your ringtone and for your notifications, you may now assign them. To do that, you would need to access your sound settings, usually it can be found in Settings -> Sounds or something similar to that, it may vary on your device.

      Setting the alarm tone:

      The setting for your alarm tone cannot be found in the Settings, but in your Clock app. Simply open the app, then tap on the little alarm icon, create an alarm, then tap on it. It should then take you to a menu with a few settings and somewhere in there, you should see Ringtone.
      Example screenshot (names and orders may vary by device!)
      Choose that and it will list all of the available sounds including the ones which you have put in your alarms folder for your alarm tone.

      Setting the call and notification ringtones:

      Just like how you have pasted a sound file in your alarms folder for your alarm tone, paste the desired sounds in your ringtones and notifications folders and then go to Settings -> Sound and you should see the following options:
      Example screenshot (names and orders may vary by device!)
      The image is self-explanitory, basically the sounds you have put in your notifications folder will only appear in the Notification ringtone list, and the sounds you have put into your ringtones folder will appear on the Phone ringtone list.

      All you have to do is choose your sound from the list, tap on OK and you have assigned it.

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