A while ago, Rovio released an episode for the Angry Birds Seasons, called Abra-Ca-Bacon! which added some new objects and changed the gameplay a bit.

Today Rovio has done something much different to their original Angry Birds app though. Not only did Angry Birds receive a new episode (Red's Mighty Feathers), but they also did a huge overhaul on the gameplay of this particular episode.

In this new episode, we find the machines and gadgets we used to build in Rovio's other title Bad Piggies. The new episode so far has only 15 levels, but completing them sure wouldn't take the same amount of times it takes to complete a regular episode.

What makes this episode and gameplay harder than the normal ones, is that we have moving targets, and shooting is also changed a bit. You don't just stretch where you want the red bird to be thrown, but you also have a little arrow indicator that starts off red and turns green whenever it is the right time to tap on the screen to dart the bird towards the pigs with an incredible speed.

The piggies use all sorts of technology here such as air suckers, to confuse your birds aswell as balloon makers that can trap your bird inside.

The rating of each level has also been changed. To receive the first star, you need to make sure the pigs didn't steal ANY of your eggs. For the second star, you need to kill all of the pigs and make sure none escape. For the third star, you need to shoot the equal amount of birds it displays there or less.

This new update seems quite fun and funny at the same time, bet you'll love it. Just don't let the difficulty get in the way of your fun.


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