If you enjoy playing endless runner games but you are sick of Temple Run and you need a different kind of storyline, gameplay and graphics, you should consider picking a new game. In this post I am going to recommend you 5 alternatives which are all offered for free in the Google Play Store so you don't need to pay a single penny unless you're planning on using their micro-transactions.

#5 - Run Like Hell!

You are a treasure hunter who is stuck on a forsaken island with not so friendly inhabitants. You need to keep running and dodge the obstacles because if the ihabitants catch you, you wouldn't like what you wil see.
The game unfortunately doesn't seem to support tablet devices as the graphics appeared kind of blurry on a larger screen. Also, this game is not 3D but still, it is fun.
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 #4 - Rail Rush

Now in this game you aren't running but still, it can be considered being in one of these games' category. You are riding a cart and exploring a mine and you need to try and collect whatever you encounter near you and again, you need to keep an eye on those obstacles otherwise you will crash.
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#3 - Aby Escape

You are a racoon and you need to try and escape from the angry townspeople while trying to dodge various obstacles by swiping left, right, up, down, etc. You also have a choice of running through different areas, one being winter in which you ride a sled and everything is much faster.
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#2 - Running Fred

A great sequel to the game Falling Fred. You are being chased by Grimmy and you need to dodge through various obstacles while peforming cool acrobatic moves which I personally like a lot about this game.
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#1 - Subway Surfers

The game known by pretty much any endless runner game fan. The game begins where we see a boy defacing a train with spray paint when all of a sudden a guard notices you and begins chasing you. You will then need to dodge through obstacles around the trains and collect the coins.
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To see the gameplay of the 5 listed games above, you may watch the video below:

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