Everyone has heard of Angry Birds, most of you have probably played it a lot of times, even if playing different versions such as Space, Star Wars, Rio or Seasons, the same gameplay itself can just bore you.

In this post we'll have a look at a few alternatives to Angry Birds which obviously will be similar but the whole storyline and maybe a little of the gameplay would be different.

#1 - Catapult King

Catapult King is based off a medieval storyline in which it includes catapults, knights, fortesses, etc.
In this game you aim to throw giant balls with a catapult at your enemies (the knights). The game offers different worlds (different areas), so that makes it even more interesting. Along with that you get cool spells to help you when you can't complete a level, spells such as Earth Shock, Lunar Srike, etc. A must try!
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#2 - Bunny Shooter

Bunny Shooter is a Brain & Puzzle game quite similar to Angry Birds with a totally different storyline but with a similar gameplay. The catch is simple, bunnies have stolen your prize-award carrots and it is time to fight back.
In this game you don't throw birds or any other creatures at other creatures, but you shoot bunnies with a bow. The bunnies are placed in random spots just like the pigs on Angry Birds and one of the best parts about this game is that when you hit one bunny, the arrow doesn't stop there, it goes through it reaching another bunny behind it. The game so far has 4 worlds (over 180 levels).
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#3 - Hambo

Hambo is also another interesting Brain & Puzzle game, you are a pig with a red stripe on your head called Hambo (I suppose it reffers to Rambo). Your goal is to kill all your enemies, which are soldier pigs, police-officer-like pigs, etc. You use a gun and you unlock different kinds of weapons thorough the game. The game has 5 mission packs so that's quite a lot of playing. Did I also mention that you can customize your pig to a different way? Another must try.
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#4 - Angry Frogs

Angry Frogs is a very simplistic game quite similar to Angry Birds. I mention similar because it definitely seems like a clone of Angry Birds except the fact that it has changed characters and one of the best parts is that you have the ability to create your own levels unlike in Angry Birds. Did I mention that this game has more than 7000 levels? Sweet!
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#5 - Siege Hero

Siege Hero like Catapult King is also based off a medieval storyline but unfortunately, it is not 3D. In this game you tap with your finger on the spot where you wish to throw the rocks, thorough the game you will also meet some other kings of objects to throw, even fire to burn down the woods. What you're trying to take down is knights, which are randomly placed inside wooden aswell as cement blocks. The game has very nice HD graphics and offers atleast 200 levels which is over 10 hours of gameplay according to the Play Store page.
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So there you have it, 5 neat Angry Birds alternatives that you can try out.


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