The pace of innovation in the smartphone world is moving so fast. Screens are becoming bigger and better, processors have reached the quad-core, even octa-core level and a huge number of phones can also be used as other devices such as a TV remote for example.

There is a variety of phones out there by many manufacturers, all of them with bigger screen sizes, different performance specs, designs and so on. If you're not sure what to look for when planning on buying a smartphone, this post will give you some tips on how to make the right choice.

1. Android OS

The Android OS version plays an important role for the smartphone, as each new version of Android enhances the user experience even more. Nowadays, most smartphones are shipped with Android 2.3 Gingerbread as the lowest version. After Gingerbread you might meet Ice Cream Sandwich, then the latest, Jelly Bean. The latest version (Jelly Bean) delivers very neat and useful features to your smartphone such as offline voice typing, Google Now, and many more improvements from the Ice Cream Sandwich.

The best part is that Android OS has huge support by one of the world's leading manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, which are adding a huge value to the OS by customizing it by integrating many neat features that you won't find in the stock Android OS. If you can, try to purchase a device with an Android version 2.3 or above (recommended).

2. The right screen size for you

So what's the right screen size for you? My first smartphone was a 3" display and to be honest, it was very bad. It is highly recommended that you look for something near 4" or above.

Usually phones which have bigger screens and with a higher pixel density cost more. If your budget is low, you would be forced to buy a smartphone with a lower sized screen. Luckaly manufacturers create such devices which are sold at a very affordable price.

Another thing is comfort, some people feel annoyed to carry a 5" screen in their pocket and prefer something smaller, this is another thing which you need to think about whether carrying a huge screen in your pocket will be annoying you or not.

3. The right specs for you

The phone's specs also play a huge role. It depends on what you plan on doing with your smartphone. You might want to enjoy gaming on it, or you just might want to be using it for social networking and multitasking.

For gaming, your device would need to have atleast 512MB or more, a decent GPU and a processor of over 1GHz (it can be single-core), such specs can be found in mid-range phones.

For social networking, your device won't really need much powerful specs as for example 256MB RAM, a processor of over 800MHz and some internal storage will do. With those specs, you should be able to have your music player running, having your IM client running in the background aswell as browsing the internet.

4. Battery life

What good is a smartphone if it's battery constantly dies out? Due to the high quality displays, powerful processors and more, the battery of an Android phone can quickly die out. When buying your smartphone, it is advised that you also take a look at the battery's mAh value.

5. Special features

Manufacturers tend to customize the Android OS by adding their own designed features, enhancing the user experience even more. As already mentioned above, leading manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC and others, add useful features such as HTC's Sense TV, LG's Q Translator, and let's not talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4's awesome gestures and many more.

Unfortunately, on cheap chinese devices you may not find such features, so it's recommended that you buy a smartphone from a popular brand which promises good build quality aswell as the special features.

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