The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is a low-end Android smartphone just like the Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Mini. The phone is running Android 2.3.6 and rooting this phone has been made very easy.

With a rooted Samsung Galaxy Pocket, you can enjoy applications that require root access, custom ROMs, and can even overclock your processor.

  • Rooting voids your warranty
  • Follow the steps carefully, AndroidJunkie will not be responsible for any damage caused to your device. 

    Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300:
    1. Connect your Galaxy Pocket in USB mass storage mode to your computer using the USB cable and download the root package to your sdcard and leave it there.
    2. Enable USB Debugging. If you haven't done that, go to Settings -> Applications -> Development - enable the USB debugging box there.
    3. Power off your phone so that you can then boot into Recovery mode.
    4. To boot into Recovery mode, hold the Volume up button + Home button + Power/Lock button all together and don't let go of them until you go into Recovery mode.
    5. Once in Recovery mode, you cannot use your touch sensor therefore you would need to operate with the hardware keys. Use the Volume up button to go up, Volume down for down and Home button for selection.
    6. Next, choose the option apply update from sdcard. You will then be taken to your sdcard's directory and will be able to browse through folders and files, find the file that you downloaded there and choose it by pressing the Home button.
    7. Once you press, text should scroll down for a second and you should be back to the main menu. Then choose the first option reboot system now and your phone will reboot.
    8. Look for the app Superuser on your app drawer. If it is there, you have rooted, congratulations!

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