Many people prefer to use ClockworkMod Recovery than the Android stock as it provides more advanced options such as mounting and unmounting partitions, making a nandroid backup, partitioning your sdcard, fixing permissions and many more.

Most custom roms that are available for the Galaxy Y come with an integrated CWM Recovery as they use kernels that have them. The method we are going to use in this post is the temporary one. With this method you only temporary boot into CWM Recovery and it is gone once you get out of it. I will explain all the steps below and you will see what I mean.

First of all, you would need to obviously download the CWM Recovery to your sdcard, it will be a zip file. - Click here to download CWM

Once you have downloaded the zip file, turn off your phone. Once it completely powers off you will boot into stock Recovery mode. To do that, hold the Home button + Volume up + Power/Lock button together and don't let them go until you see the SAMSUNG GALAXY Y logo.

You should then arrive in your stock recovery. Please note that in recovery mode, touch sensor doesn't work so you will need to use Volume up to go up, Volume down to move down and Home button for choosing. From there, choose apply update from sdcard. It will let you browse your sdcard's files. Now locate the file and choose it with the Home button.

You should then be in Clockworkmod Recovery. Enjoy.

Once you do something there or not do anything at all but just reboot the phone, you will still go to stock recovery once you do the key combination. To get a permanent CWM Recovery, download a custom kernel.

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