It is possible that someone may give your number to a phone abuser who will then keep on harassing you by constantly calling you. This has happpened a lot of times to some of my friends and it's irritating, all they could do is just turn off their phones temporary.

But in Android, it's different. There is no need to turn off your phone or set it to air plane mode, but you can add that particular number to a blacklist and he/she will never bother you again. For this guide, we will be uing the magnificent app called Call block.

Call block, is a free ad-supported app which gives you the ability to add certain numbers to a blacklist or just even block absolutely any calls aswell as messages. Not only that, but it also saves records.
And good news for non-rooted users, this app does not require your device to be rooted!

Download the app Call block from the Play Store and follow the instructions in the video below:

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