If you've recently upgraded to Android ICS, you might notice some changes on the Settings interface and some options moved here and there.

If for some reason you need to set a static IP address on your added WiFi network to establish a connection, you would need to find the static IP option but where is it?

Go to Settings then Wi-Fi which you see as the first option

Now if you go to the More... option or the settings button on the top right corner, you still won't find the static IP option but options like this:

That's not the way.

Now once you are in the WiFi networks screen as you saw in the first screenshot, long-press on the network which you are connected to.
You should get the following popup:

Choose Modify network

It will take you to this screen:

Now tick the little box that says Show advanced options.

The window will expand and you should see the option DHCP next to IP settings

Now tap on that and choose Static:

The window will expand even more and you are ready to type in the required information:

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