Accidents happen and just over a week ago during the holidays I accidentally broke my computer's keyboard and the Windows on-screen one was just not good enough, you feel like you are living with one hand which is very frustrating if you have work to do on the computer.
I was unable to go to the city and buy a new one at the time and neither was there any keyboard I could borrow from a neighbour or a friend.

The app I am going to show you is surely a life saver. It's very simple to use, requires Android 1.0 and up, the best part is that it's free. On top of that you also have mouse control, kind of like the touchpad on a laptop.
The app is called Air HID :WiFi Mouse & KeyBoard.

To establish a connection, you will need to download an additional program to your computer that all you have to do is run it. You may need to have Java installed so make sure you do.

Setup & Usage:

Start off by installing the Air HID app to your Android device. Next you would want to download the PC program and run it.
To download the program, go here. The developer has also left this link in the app's description on the Play Store page. From that website, choose right package depending on your OS, it works with Windows, Linux and Mac.

In these instructions I am gonna be using Windows as an example.

After downloading the correct zip file, extract it with either 7zip, WinRAR or any other archive program.
In the extracted folder, you should see 3 files:
For Windows users it's very easy, basically all you need to do is run the batch file and thanks to Java, it will startup the program:
Now as you can see above, you have your IP Address displayed which will be used to establish a connection.

That was basically all you had to do on your computer, now it's time to set it up on our device.

Start the app on your Android device and the first thing which you should get is a popup asking you to type an IP Address on the field to connect to:
Once you type in the IP Address that you see displayed on the PC program, you should establish a connection and then all you have to do is choose what you want to operate. e.g. the keyboard, the mouse, and others:
That is all, it should work without any problem.

If you are facing problems:
  • Check your router settings
  • Try turning off your firewall

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