In this post you can find the proper instructions on how to root the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 within a few seconds. The procedure is fairly easy, simply follow the below instructions carefully and you will succed.

Please note that rooting will void your warranty and can interact with the ability of receiving a firmware update!


1. Download this zip file and save it to your sdcard - Click here.
2. Once saved, turn off your phone.
3. Once the phone has completely powered off you will need to boot into recovery mode. To do that, simply hold the Home button + Volume up + Power button together for about 5 seconds and release.
4. You will see the Samsung Galaxy Y logo appear and then you will be in Recovery mode.
5. In Recovery mode, the touchscreen doesn't function so to select up/down use the volume up/down keys and to make a choice, press the Home button.
6. You should see a few options and the one you need to choose is "apply update from sdcard"
7. You will be taken to your sdcard, look for the zip file you just saved and choose it by pressing the Home button.
8. The procedure will begin, you will see text scrolling down fast and in the end, it will tell you that the update was successfull.
9. Select the option "reboot system now" and your phone will reboot
10. Enjoy your rooted Samsung Galaxy Y.

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