Probably all of you know that while using certain apps aswell as often internet browsing on your Android smartphone for some time, they create temporary files which are stored on your internal memory and can get in the way when installing new apps.

In this guide I will present you a really simple and user-friendly cache cleaning app called 1Tap Cleaner.

You can download it for free in the Google Play store. There is also a PRO version which you can check out if you will enjoy using the free one.

Now ofcourse you can clean cache manually by yourself, but you would need to go to each app and press the "Clear cache" while this app gets the job done in seconds.

When you first start up 1Tap Cleaner, you should see 4 options for clearing the cache.
  1. Cache Cleaner - This option clears all of your apps cache at once by just tapping on an "OK" button.
  2. History Cleaner - This option clears all of your history such as the entered texts on your browser apps, Play Store, YouTube app, etc. (I wouldn't really recommend doing this if you need to keep your history as this frees up a very small amount of memory).
  3. Call/Text Cleaner - This clears all of your call history and messages.
  4. Default Cleaner - This option clears anything you have set by default such as for example a homescreen replacement app (Launcher). Let's say I have set Holo Launcher to appear by default when I press the Home button  on my phone and it would take me to Holo Launcher instead of my old launcher. This option will clear the set to default option and restore your old launcher or whatever you have set to default.
In this guide we will be mainly focusing on clearing the cache of the apps at once (first option).

When you choose the first option, a window should pop up telling you how much memory your current cache collected takes:

So just choose OK and it will clear the cache for you. Clearing the cache does not delete your apps data or games' savegames. They remain completely safe.

Another nice feature is the Auto clear interval.
When you go to Settings, you should see it there (first option).

You can choose an interval starting from 1 hour to 2 weeks:
And that is how you clear your app cache in just a few seconds.

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