No one likes to go through their app drawer looking for their favorite/most used apps, for that reason we have the ability to create shortcuts on the homescreen of our desired apps. But still even that could get annoying as the homescreen gets slowly being filled day by day with newer shortcuts to mixed categories of apps.

This post is created specially for newbies to Android ICS and above. In this guide I will show you how to organize your apps into folders.

So to begin, you would need to have atleast 2 app shortcuts on your homescreen. You then drag one shortcut into the other and you should see a circle forming:

Now release your finger and the 2 app shortcuts will combine into one inside a folder:

Your folder is created,but something is missing. The next thing we would want to do is add a name to the folder, so tap on the folder and it should expand to a little box and on the bottom of the apps inside of it you should see letters "Unnamed folder":

Tap on it and your keyboard should pop up, name the folder as you wish and tap on a blank space on your homescreen to make it go away.
And your folder is renamed:

You are now done, feel free to drag more shortcuts into that folder and you are ready to organize your apps.
You may organize your games shorcuts seperate, your media apps, your IM apps, etc.

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