So you have flashed a new custom rom on your phone and you want to restore your apps and their data, but you end up with this odd problem where the restoring process is infinite. The little popup and circle basically stay there for hours and you wonder what went wrong. This can be really frustrating if you have important data of to restore of progress from games that you've played for hours.

Many times I have faced the problem where Titanium Backup will be stuck on the restoring popup on my device, and no matter how many times I try to re-do the process or reboot my device, it still won't manage to restore the app and its data.

After exploring its options and playing around changing them I believe I've come to the proper solution. So if you are facing this problem and you need help resolving it, then you may try this little "fix" and see if it will help you.

Solution to Titanium Backup hanging on restore

Let's start off by running the Titanium Backup app. Once you have opened it, hit the menu button on your phone and go to Preferences. From there, scroll down to the bottom where you see "App processing mode".
Choose that option and you should get a popup giving you three settings to choose from:

titanium backup stuck on restore

The first one is set by default, so using that will definitely not help. The second one as you can see says "If you have problems". I personally tried that first but the problem was still there. What helped me was mode #3 - INTERACTIVE.

So select that mode, go back, try restoring your app and it may just work.

So that was the way I managed to solve my restoring problems, if this managed to work for you or even if it didn't, still, please leave a comment.

If this didn't work out for you, I would advise you to check and see if there is a newer version available in the Play Store as an update may have the issue fixed.

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  1. thnx it worked for me u r awesum!!!

  2. Nexus 4 with CM 10.2, backup saved from stock rom and restored succesfully with PA 3.99, but with CM 10.2 it didn't seem to work...I'll try the second option (the "If you have problems" one)...Also I read someone said that you need to restore one by one the app, so I'll try that way too

  3. i was able to sucesfully patch it thanks for titanium backup

  4. This DOES NOT work! It still gets stuck on restoring. Interactive changed nothing. Still stuck on restoring.

    Anybody know what else could be the problem?