Upon each upgrade, Google keeps making Android better and better with many rich and helpful features.
If you are new to ICS, coming from an older Android version, you are probably excited to try out the new cool features and would like to get the most of it.
In this post I am going to show you a few neat tips & tricks that you can find on the Android 4.0 ICS.

1. Uninstall apps in the second

Instead of going through the settings or however you used to access your installed app list to uninstall a certain app, you can now simply long-press on the app while you are in the drawer and on the top you should see small "Uninstall" text with a little recycle bin next to it. Drag the app to there and you will uninstall it.

2. ICS easter egg

You might be familiar with this trick as it can be found in previous Android versions.
Go to Settings, then scroll to the bottom and choose the last option. It could be "About phone" or "About tablet" if you are using a tablet.
Where you see Android version, begin tapping really fast like crazy on the Android version text and you should get a surprise.
A little Android with a body of an icecream sandwich. Now long-press with your finger on it and it will become bigger and bigger and at the end you've got a surprise.

3. Stop newly installed app icons from automatically appearing on your homescreen

This is an option that is enabled by default. When you install an app from the Google Play store, it creates a shortcut by itself on the homescreen. If you do not want this to happen, simply start up the Google Play store app and go to Settings, then under GENERAL category you should see the option "Auto-add widgets" enabled. Simply tap on the box to disable it and you are done.

4. Create folders and be more organised

You can create folders on your homescreen just like how you do on your PC.
Simply long-press an app to put it on your home screen, then long-press another app and drag it right into the first app, you will combine both shortcuts into one folder.
You can also name your folders by either long-pressing on the folder, then choosing "Edit" or you can tap on the folder to have it popup and then tap right at the bottom of the black area to get the keyboard to show up to type in your folder name. Folders can also be made in the dock.

5. Taking a screenshot

This one is very easy, simply prepare your two fingers on two buttons. One being at the Power/Lock button and the other at the Volume down.
When you are ready, press both buttons at the same time and do not release until you see a photo animation showing up or hear a snapshot sound if you have your volume increased.

6. Set images as wallpapers directly from the browser

This is a very useful feature, instead of going through all the hassle like downloading the image, then maually setting it as a wallpaper by going through the options surely was a pain but not in ICS.
When viewing an image with the browser, simply long-press on the image and you should get an option to set it as a wallpaper.

7. Unlock your screen with your face

Did you know? Google has added a very neat facial recognition system that can be used to lock and unlock your phone/tablet's screen.
To access it, simply go to the Security tab in your Settings and you should see it in the Screen Lock option.

8. Quick history view

While you are in the browser, long-press the Back arrow/button and you will be shown your bookmarks, history and saved pages.

9. Swipe to close recent Apps

This feature lets you close apps easily. To access the below screen, long-press your home key on your phone (if physical), if capacitive, it should be the 3rd icon which looks like two windows together.
Simply swipe the app with your finger to left/right to close it. You can also quickly switch between apps using this feature. To switch to a different app, simply tap on the little window preview you get of it.

10. Quickly access your Settings from the notifications panel

Have you noticed that little icon that looks similar to the Settings icon? That's a shortcut, so instead of going through the hassle of looking for your settings in your App Drawer or creating a useless shortcut on your homescreen, you can access your settings real quick through that shortcut icon.


And there you have it, 10 neat tips and tricks for the people who are new to Android ICS. There are many more things you can try out for yourself.
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